The Perfect Choice: High Waisted Leggings for a Flattering Fit

Welcome to Relax, the destination for unique high waisted yoga leggings that are not only stylish, but also offer comfort and support during your workouts. As sports enthusiasts, we love sharing our passion for high waisted leggings with you.

High Waisted Leggings

In the shop, we offer a range of options within our high waisted leggings collection. We understand that different activities and personal preferences call for different features and functionalities. Here are some of our popular options:

1. The High RIse (High Waisted): You know that feeling, like you're wrapped in a soft cloud? That's what our Classic High Waisted leggings feel like. Ultra comfortable, like a second skin, perfect for those challenging poses or just lounging around with a cup of tea. And what we think is super cool is that little secret pocket. Perfect for those moments when you have nowhere to put your keys or card. By the way, our awesome community rated it with a fat 4.7 stars. That says it all, doesn't it?

2. The Everyday High Waisted: Always on the go with a thousand things in your head and hands? Same here! So imagine this: leggings that are as dynamic as your lifestyle. Yes, the Everyday High Waisted leggings really are a game changer. Those side pockets are not only stylish, but also super handy. So whether you're going for a run while listening to your favo tracks, or you just want to have some small must-haves close by during your yoga, these leggings will take care of you.

3. The Energy Compression Legging: To all our fitness fanatics and powerhouses: this one is for you! Feel the energy and power with our Power Up Compression leggings. Not only does the compression provide that extra oomph during your workouts, it also helps you recover after those intense sessions. And yes, that feeling of support is like your own personal cheerleader helping you through every rep and pose!

Why is a high waist ideal for yoga, running, dance and fitness?

  1. Yoga: High-waisted leggings are perfect for yoga as they cover your waist during various yoga poses. As a result, you don't have to worry about sagging trousers or showing your belly while performing poses. It makes you feel safe and confident, so you can fully concentrate on your practice.
  2. Running: While running, you don't want to worry about sagging trousers hindering your movements. High waisted leggings provide the necessary support and ensure that your trousers stay in place, regardless of your speed or distance. In addition, the high waist offers extra comfort and compression around your stomach, which is ideal for prolonged running sessions.
  3. Dance: In dance, freedom of movement is crucial. High waisted leggings provide a snug fit and support without restrictions, allowing you to move freely and express yourself fully in your dance moves. The high waist also offers a flattering shape and accentuates your figure while dancing.
  4. Fitness: Whether you train in the gym or engage in other forms of fitness, high waisted leggings are a must-have. The high waist ensures a snug fit and provides extra support to your abdominal and back muscles during intense exercises. Moreover, it gives you a streamlined look, making you feel confident during your workouts.

In short, high waisted leggings are perfect for yoga, running, dance and fitness because of the comfortable fit, support and freedom of movement they offer. It gives you the confidence to fully focus on your activities, without distractions or discomfort. Experience the benefits of high waisted leggings for yourself and take your workouts to the next level. Order now and feel the difference!

What is the point of high waisted leggings?

Wearing high waisted leggings has several advantages. First, they provide extra coverage and support around the waist, making you feel more confident and comfortable while exercising. In addition, they provide a flattering fit and accentuate your natural shapes. Moreover, you can easily combine them with different tops and sportswear pieces.

High Waisted Leggings - Japanese Dragon Print

How do you wear high waisted leggings?

High rise leggings can be worn in different ways, depending on your personal style and preference. You can combine them with a yoga bra as a set, or combine them with a cute cropped top for a trendy and sporty look, or with a longer top for extra coverage. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfit, so you can move unhindered during your workout.

Are Relax leggings see-through?

Our high waisted leggings are high quality and made with attention to detail, so they are not see-through. We understand how important it is to feel confident while exercising, so all our leggings are designed to provide full coverage, even during intense movements and stretches.

Relax High waisted leggings - Klimt sunflower print
Relax high waisted leggings

Where exactly are high waisted leggings?

High waisted leggings have a waistband that sits above the hips and navel, covering and supporting the belly. The exact placement can vary depending on the individual's height and specific legging style. In general, they provide a flattering fit and give you a streamlined look.

Printed high waisted leggings

Our printed high waisted leggings are made of high-quality materials that wick away moisture and offer 4-way stretch. These features allow you to move comfortably during your yoga sessions and workouts. Plus, they have a uniquely stylish print that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Relax High Waisted Legging - Swirls print

High waisted leggings for women

As designers, we understand the importance of quality and stylish clothing. That is why we offer a wide selection of high waisted leggings for women, so that every woman can find one that suits her. Our leggings are carefully designed based on comfort, durability and trendy designs.

Why Relax Leggings Are Better for the Environment than Big Brands like Gymshark, Nike, Adidas and Lululemon

As legging designers for unique high waisted yoga leggings, we would like to highlight the environmental benefits of our Relax leggings compared to leggings produced by major brands such as Gymshark, Nike, Adidas and Lululemon.

  1. Made on Demand Production: At Relax, we use a made on demand production model. This means that we produce our leggings only when there is demand. Unlike mass production, where large quantities of garments are produced, we ensure that only the required quantity of leggings is made. As a result, we reduce waste of fabrics and materials, saving natural resources.
  2. Reducing Waste: Mass production often involves overproduction and surplus unsold stock. This results in large quantities of clothing that are eventually discarded or destroyed. By producing our leggings only when there is demand for them, we minimise the risk of excess stock and reduce the waste of unsold products.
  3. Local Production: Our Relax leggings are often produced locally. This means that production takes place close to home, reducing transport-related emissions. With mass production, garments are often transported over long distances, resulting in significant greenhouse gas emissions. By producing locally, we contribute to reducing the ecological impact of our leggings.
  4. Conscious Consumption: The made-on-demand model also encourages conscious consumption. Instead of buying impulsively and having excess clothes in our wardrobes, our leggings are made to order. This encourages us to buy only what is needed, thus contributing to a more sustainable consumption pattern.

Sustainable Yoga Leggings: how to contribute to a cleaner planet during your exercises

By choosing Relax leggings, you contribute to a more eco-friendly approach to sportswear. Our made-on-demand production, focus on sustainable materials, local manufacturing and promotion of conscious consumption make Relax leggings a better choice for the environment compared to big brands.

Finding your flow with's unique high waisted leggings

How do you extend the life of your high waisted leggings?

  1. Follow the Washing Instructions: Always refer to the washing instructions on the label of your leggings. Wash them on a cold and gentle cycle to preserve the colours and prints. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach as these can damage the fabric.
  2. Use a laundry bag: To provide extra protection during washing, consider putting your printed leggings in a laundry bag. This helps reduce friction with other garments and prevents possible damage to the prints.
  3. Dry them Hanging: Hang your leggings to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. Heat can damage the fibres and cause prints to fade. Hang them in a well-ventilated place and avoid direct sunlight to prevent colour fading.
  4. Avoid Friction with Rough Surfaces: To avoid wear and damage to prints, it is important to avoid friction with rough surfaces. For example, avoid wearing your leggings on abrasive yoga mats or during activities where there is a lot of contact with rough surfaces.
  5. Store them Properly: When you are not wearing your leggings, it is important to store them properly. Store them in a cool and dry place, preferably folded or flat. This will keep them protected from dust, moisture and direct sunlight.

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your printed high waisted leggings keep their colour and look great for a long time. By treating them with care, you can enjoy your favourite leggings for longer and reduce the need to replace them.

The best way to wash your yoga leggings


  1. What is the difference between regular leggings and high waisted leggings?

Regular leggings usually have a waistband that sits below the navel, while high waisted leggings have a waistband that covers the navel. This provides extra coverage and support around the waist.

  1. Why wear high waisted leggings?

High waisted leggings offer extra coverage and support, flatter your figure and make you feel confident while exercising.

  1. What does high waist mean in leggings?

High waist or high waist refers to the placement of the waistband above the hips and navel, covering and supporting the belly.

  1. Why are made-on-demand leggings better for the environment than mass production?

Made-on-demand leggings reduce waste of materials and reduce the use of natural resources. In addition, they reduce transport-related emissions by producing locally.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our webshop for our unique high waisted printed leggings!

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