Slow down

As they say in Italy, 'Qui va piano, va sano e va lontano': those who go slowly stay healthy and go far.

We embrace this Italian philosophy of the good life.
A philosophy where health and beauty go hand in hand.
And in which there is time and attention, for the here and now. 

With our yoga leggings and our community, we want to make these mission accomplish.

Go Slow

The garment industry is the third biggest polluter of our earth. They produce too much. Too cheaply. And too fast. These so-called fast fashion doesn't suit us. And that is why we are taking more of a sustainable approach. 

We produce only to order and therefore never stock products. We only produce in Europe. That saves a lot of transport, soot and fine dust. We choose high-quality fabrics. We make all our products by hand. Made to measure. And with a lot of love and attention. 

And you won't only see that in our leggings, the world will be a more beautiful place too.

Be Fair

At Relax, we believe in fair production.
We demand this not only from ourselves, but also from our production partners.

Every link in the chain is important. And so we are as open as possible to each other and pay everyone a fair price.

Because a living wage contributes to greater life happiness.

Stay Close

Clothing transport in general generates a huge amount of C02. 

That is why we produce exclusively in Europe, keeping the distance between production and consumer small. So we minimise our emissions. And we stimulate the local economy.